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ar*bi*tra*tion - The process by which the parties to a dispute submit their differences to the judgment of an impartial third part appointed by mutual consent.

ar*bi*tra*tor - A person having the ability or authority to settle the issues between two parties engaged in a dispute or controversy.

What is involved in a typical arbitration?

  • Parameters are not disclosed to the arbitrator.
  • Each party presents their case.
  • Witnesses give testimony.
  • Closing arguments are made.
  • A decision is rendered within ten (10) working days.
  • All disputes are submitted to an impartial arbitrator who conducts an informal trial and renders a binding decision based solely on the facts presented. These facts are discovered through documented evidence as well as examination of witnesses. Following this informal trail, the Arbitrator will submit a binding decision with ten (10) working days in the written from of an abbreviated opinion.