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When Do I Submit a File to CMA?

  • When the plaintiff does not return your calls over an extended period of time.
  • When the plaintiff attorney has a "difficult client."
  • When all the paperwork in the file enables you to determine a legitimate dollar value and an offer to the    opposing party has been make, but there has been no response from the plaintiff attorney.
  • When the plaintiff attorney makes an unrealistic demand and then refuses to negotiate.
  • When a file will settle before you have reached the courtroom. Would you say most files fall into this    category?
  • When venues with crowded dockets prohibit you from an expedient resolution to your file. You shouldn't    have to wait years to settle.
  • When you have expended all possible costs on an aging file and it is still no settled.
  • When you have a multi-party action and repeated attempts to get all the parties to communicate have    proven fruitless.
  • When long distances between the parties makes it unrealistic to sit down together. The "Paper Submission"    can be the alternative resolution to that file.
  • When you have an infant case, a file involving a senior citizen, or a file with server injuries a verdict from a    sympathetic jury could cost your company unnecessarily.